1.) You are NOT affiliated with Nexon, Nexon America, Nexon Corporation, Nexon Europe, Nexon Japan, Nexon Korea, or BlockParty in any way, [And you're NOT Lloyd, the chairman of Nexon America.]

2.) You will NOT hack or use any 3rd party programs. [Excluding DxWynd.] [Including edited programs.]

3.) You will NOT abuse glitches and bugs, but you will report them.

4.) You agree that all intellectual property or other rights in any game character, account and items are and will remain our property.

5.) You will NOT break the (T.o.S) OR the In-Game Rules therefore you must read both.

6.) You will not take our name (RikaMS) And Make your own server named RikaMS

7.) You will ask us about things you're unsure about.

8.) You will agree to the Terms of Service.

9.) When you contact any of us, you will be polite.

10.) You have NO rights to take any legal actions against us in any way.

11.) We're NOT responsible for rollbacks in any ways whatsoever, if you complain however, you'll be jailed.

12.) Edited WZ files of any kind other than the current RikaMS WZ Files will not be allowed.

1.) You're not allowed to harass anyone in the community without good reason.

2.) As well as No Harassing, there will be NO Kill Stealing unless it's a joke and there is no conflict.

.) When a GM(Game Master) is dropping a prize for the winner of an event, it will be looted by3 the winner of the event.

4.) You must be polite when talking to a
GM(Game Master).

5.) When a GM(Game Master) asks you a question you must respond.

6.) AFK training is not tolerated and will lead to a permanant IP ban.

.7) If you're placed in Jail and attempt to break out then we will ban you without warning.

8.) GM's(Game Masters) have all power over players to IP Ban or worse IF they break these rules or go against the T.o.S.

10.) And, When a GM(Game Master) tells you not to do something, you do not do it. By disobeying, we will jail you for 2~24 hours.

10.) If you continue to do what is told not to do, we will be forced to ban without warning.

GM Application Format

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GM Application Format Empty GM Application Format

Post  Johnny on Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:07 am

Follow Kistory GM application format or you will be "DENIED" in a quick second.

Note: You have to play for more than 3 days

**Copy Righted towards Kistory**

Here are the Staff rules for Kistory.

1. Never, ever give out free items unless its an event; even if its your gf/bf or close friend, NEVER.

2. Don't abuse your GM commands like: !speak [username] [message] towards any player/staff members making them say dumb stuff, if reported you will be demoted/banned since its harassing.

3. Don't warp a GM or player unless you ask if its okay to warp them.

4. Help new comers that have questions or just need help.

5. Hold about 2 events a day.

6. Don't mass spawns since it will cause the server to crash.

7. Only ban a player if they hack(any), advertise, or spam. Jail if they harass, or ks (kill steal).

8. All staff members must vote every 8 hours.

9. Don't ever spawn in the FM entrance.

***These rules are to be "Strictly" enforced***

Also here is the rewards that you may give out during an event.

Download:(will be put up when I get it done)

Only useful towards GMs.




Current location/timezone:

Contact information ( Skype, MSN, Aim, etc.):

Little bit of information about yourself:

What position/level are you applying for?:

How long have you played KiStory?:

Why do you want to become a GM?:

What would you do as a GM?:

List your experiences as a GM ( if you don't have any experiences don't bother applying):

What makes you stand out than others?:
Post your applications here!

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